Easter 2018



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Ukraine news: Easter in 2018 Orthodox Christians in Ukraine will be celebrating the 8th of April, and the Catholics one week earlier – April 1.

Easter, or Easter Sunday, is the main event in the Church calendar, the oldest and most important Christian holiday.

Easter 2018 in Ukraine: holiday date

Easter does not have a specific fixed date of celebration, but always celebrate Easter on Sunday. Date calculated by using a special table – Alexandrian Paschal. In 2018 Easter falls on April 8.

Easter traditions in Ukraine to 2018

To sleep at night on Easter Sunday pending, and need to go to Church for the evening service.
– After 12 hours of the night, the priests dress in formal attire and announced: “Christ is risen!”. Then there is the consecration of all that the Christians brought in Easter baskets: Easter, eggs, cheese, oil and candles .

How to get out of lent without harm to health

The festive Breakfast starts with blessed eggs and a slice of Easter. And only then eat of the meat and fish dishes.
– The second day of Easter is Easter Monday. Also called “oblivnye”, because on this day young people go to “water” their relatives and wish them happy holidays.
– If on Bright Monday, it was raining, our ancestors considered that so will summer.
Bright Tuesday is the third day of Easter. On this day the believers continued to celebrate Easter and begin to walk in guests and be entertained.