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Easter 2018


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Ukraine news: the beautiful Tradition of dyeing eggs for Easter is one of the most exciting, interesting and it brings the whole family.

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In our time, on the eve of the Resurrection in shops many different colors, stickers, foils, glitter and other decor for Easter eggs. We offer you best ideas of decorating eggs with dye and without.

To dye eggs purchase food dyes simply dilute the paint in water and put the eggs for 10-20 minutes. Depending on the dye concentration, it is possible to make eggs in shades of pastel or bright saturated colors .

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The gradient effect

To create a beautiful gradient effect (a smooth transition of color) must be placed with the help of the ladle more than half of the eggs in the dye for 3 minutes, while constantly slightly to lower and raise an egg, then raise it to half and leave for 5 minutes raising and lowering, and the last ten minutes to hold only the lower part of the egg in the paint.

Striped eggs

Dissolve several cups of paint with different concentrations and alternately fold in their eggs at different levels.

Painted eggs

To paint eggs it is possible in the usual gouache and pencil, the main thing that the lead was soft.

Lace eggs

Paint eggs for Easter with a beautiful lace effect: wrap the egg in lace fabric and dip for 10 minutes in a solution of paint. Remove the fabric – done!

Eggs with sequins

Sequins decorate the eggs: you can buy them in departments with Easter decor or in beauty shops – loose glitter makeup or nail Polish, but in this case they must be carefully shaken off, and make sure they do not fall into the food. the portion of eggs that you want to cover the sequins is necessary to smear with glue or protein and dipped in sequins scattered on the saucer. On the surface of the eggs is also possible to draw patterns or drawings with a brush of glue or protein, and also dipped in glitter and shake off excess. The main caution to take the egg until the glue is dry. See also ideas DIY DIY Easter, which we have prepared for our readers.

Eggs in the topping

Colored sprinkles can be used not only for decoration of Easter cakes and eggs. Just dip the egg in the protein and dip into a saucer with grit.

Eggs with pictures

Apply egg different patterns of duct tape. One by one dip the egg in dye and remove the pieces of tape – experiment!


Cover Easter egg with a thin layer of glue and wrap colorful threads.

Eggs with patterns

A beautiful effect can be obtained by using common pens and markers: just choose any pattern and redraw it with a fine marker on the egg.

The mosaic effect

How to dye eggs with the mosaic effect? Very simple – beat the shell with a spoon before you stand the egg in the dye and original eggs for the holiday table ready! Decorate eggs for Easter with the whole family and even with children. Also find out what you can give to children at Easter – the best ideas your own hands.