Today, April 28, Orthodox Christians celebrate Easter – the most important religious holiday, the day of his Resurrection. Its importance, in particular, reflects the definition from the Scriptures “the feast of feasts and triumph of triumphs”, but like any other, Easter has its own history, symbols, customs and superstitions… And we will go into more details.

The Date Of Easter

The date of Easter each year is calculated on a lunar-solar calendar. There is a special table – the Alexandrian paschalia.

The fact that the most important holiday for Christians has its own rules:

  • Easter is not to celebrate before the Jewish Passover, because according to Scripture, Jesus was crucified after it;
  • the day of the crucifixion of Christ was a full moon, so Easter is celebrated on the first day of the full moon.
  • and last – Easter must be celebrated on the Sunday after the vernal equinox.

Accordingly, the feast of the Resurrection of Christ is transitive. The range of its celebration in different years can be from 4 April to 8 may.