According to the publication famous artist Edita admitted that he was close with cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin and the husband was very jealous of him, reports, “Russian conversation”.

According to Edith, they met Yuri in Peredelkino. This is the place where the astronauts and other people engaged in sports activities. There Edita went to play volleyball. And then one day she sprained her leg, Gagarin volunteered to help. He took Peha in the infirmary. The artist even has kept this archived photo.

“We were playing Billiards. He arranged everything that I beat. It happened, supposedly I’m good at Billiards. In fact, he gave in,” recalled the artist.

On the question of whether they had an affair, Peha immediately gave a categorical answer: “But my husband was jealous of Yuri Alekseevich. But he took to many men. It is not related to Yuri Gagarin”.

Edita also admitted that this was not the only meeting with an astronaut. They also met in “the Blue spark”.

“We were still Valentina Tereshkova and German Titov. Valentina Tereshkova we also met the world festival of youth and students in Sofia. The pair of us carried the banner “Soviet Union”. Where I won three medals, one of them for “the Huge sky”. And Gherman Titov has been in our house. He and my husband San Sanych was friends. I haven’t talked to him, did I? I coffee they served. They had men’s talk”, – said the singer.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation” Stas Peha excited the Network news about the tragedy in his stellar family. So we know that Edita is confined to a wheelchair.