Eerie footage from Thailand appeared on the Internet. The video clip shows how a crocodile almost ate its trainer during a show for tourists. Tamer stuck his head in the jaws of a predator, for which almost paid.

The man spoke at one of the most famous crocodile show in Thailand for a small group of people on the tourist island of Koh Samui. During the show, he stood before the reptile on his knees and stuck her head in the mouth. To the horror of all present, the crocodile suddenly grabbed the man and began to pull it from side to side.

Fortunately, the capture of the crocodile was not particularly strong. After a couple of seconds the animal released the victim and went to the pool, reports “Russian conversation”. The trainer was still alive, but the severity of his injuries is unknown .

It is worth noting that before the speech tamer boasted to visitors that he does not have one finger after the attack of a crocodile.

As previously reported, a pastor from Zimbabwe Jonathan Mtetwa was killed by three crocodiles. The man decided to show the congregation that can walk on water like Jesus. However, this trick is the pastor failed and ended tragically.