Popular singer Yegor Krid answered a direct question when he gets married. It is unknown whether joked the 22-year-old actor or meant, but he said he intends to take to wife the soloist of group “Silver” Olga Seryabkina.

Personal life creed – the secret behind seven seals. Egor your relationships don’t comment on orgies with prostitutes do not like, and all the rumors about the ladies of the heart ignores. The last time he attributed an affair with 33-year-old girlfriend Kim Kardashian, Carla Dibello. However, creed has quickly dispelled this rumor, stating that they are just friends.

At a recent Big Love Show Creed again asked about the future wedding, the singer replied clearly: “as soon As Seryabkina will say “Yes”, then everything will be done.” However, after that, Egor was all lit up with a smile, but his statement less loud did not.

Now fans of both artists speculated whether Egor and Olga Roman . We note that recently creed and Seryabkina, who are building a solo career under the pseudonym Molly, recorded a joint track “If you don’t love me”, and took on him the clip. In a new video work of artists played a loving couple. It is possible that their relationship may be in real life.

However, some fans believe that this statement of the creed is nothing more than advertising his Seryabkina songs.