The Egyptian authorities are taking extraordinary security measures in some areas of the country after the elimination of the leader of the terrorist group ISIS Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, according to the Associated press (AP) citing the authorities, who wished to remain unknown.

AP recalls that Egyptian security forces have to contend with led by ISIS militants in the Northern Sinai, and also with the powers of the IG and “al-Qaeda” in the West – in the desert areas along the border with Libya.

The insurgents in turn carried out a series of attacks against security forces and Christian minority in Egypt.

The US President Donald trump on Sunday announced the elimination of al-Baghdadi during a American RAID in Syria. The Pentagon said that Washington is closely watching who will lead this terrorist group after the death of al-Baghdadi, and direct efforts to root out these militants.

The American leader also said that he is grateful of the Russian Federation, Syria, Turkey, Iraq for the help in preparation for a special operation to eliminate the leader of the IG.