At least the eighth American tourist died in the Dominican Republic, a series of deaths being investigated by the FBI, reports “bi-Bi-si”.

55-year-old Joseph Allen often visited the Caribbean island and is said to be his relatives, did not complain of health.

“Bi-bi-si” referring to the family of the deceased said that several tourists who died in the past year, drank drinks from the hotel mini-bar.

The FBI joined the investigation and helps local authorities to carry out a Toxicological analysis. Still failed to find a connection between the deaths of Americans.

Among the dead 67-year-old California resident, who died April 14 at the hotel in Punta Cana. In the same month, the hotel is dead another American, as told by his sister, of natural causes.

In may, died 41-year-old woman from the United States, which saw the drinks from the Minibar in their hotel.

Shortly afterwards were found the bodies of two American residents who died in their rooms. According to local investigators, in light of the dead were found liquid, in addition, they had internal bleeding.

It was also reported about the death of 53-year-old woman in June, men in July.

Local authorities found no link between the deaths, the U.S. Embassy also found no reason to believe that it is not a coincidence, noting that nearly 3.5 million Americans annually in the Dominican Republic.