MADRID, August 24. /TASS/. Law enforcement agencies of the Belgian Vilvoorde 17 months ago informed the Catalan police about their suspicions in relation to an alleged organizer of the terrorist attacks in Barcelona, the Imam of Abdelbaqi al-Sati. This was reported Thursday by the newspaper El Pais, citing sources in the fight against terrorism. According to her, the notice arrived when likely the terrorist was in Vilvorde. This is the first “signal” against al-Sati, which soon moved to Ripoll and became an Imam.

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In response to the request of the Belgians head of strategic analysis chief of the information Department of the mossos d d Esquadra Daniel Canals stressed that al-Sati “was not known”, but people with the same name was suspected of possible links with the terrorists under one of the operations. As noted by the representatives of the Catalan authorities, it was about “informal consultations” .

As previously gave to the newspaper “Dernier er”, al-Sati, had a full spare base in Belgium. The Imam has repeatedly come to Belgium in the last time he was in the Kingdom from January to March 2016 and left the country two weeks before the terrorist attacks in Brussels on March 22 that claimed the lives of over 30 people. In a suburb of Brussels – Vilvoorde – home to the family and relatives of the Imam.

According to sources, “Dernier er” in the Belgian police, al-Sati during his stay in Belgium has taken a number of attempts to recruit migrant youth to participate in the war in Syria. The administration of the mosque in Diegem even informed the local authority of the Imam as a radical element.

According to Spanish police, the Imam of Abdelbaki as-Sati is one of two victims at explosion in Alcanar in the night from 16 to 17 August, where the terrorists made an improvised explosive device. Local media believe that this Imam was the organizer of the attacks in Catalonia and that he was involved in indoctrination of young Moroccans who carried out the attacks in Barcelona and Tarragona, which, after the loss of the leader and explosives decided to attack with improvised means.

August 17, on the tourist strip Las Ramblas in Central Barcelona, the driver of the van made a deliberate impact on passers-by. Following this, the police of Catalonia eliminated in Cambrils in the South of the autonomy of five terrorists. They tried to carry out a terrorist attack similar to that which was made in Barcelona. The victims were 15 people. Responsibility for attack was assumed by the terrorist group “Islamic state” (banned in Russia).