Early elections in Turkey to 2018: all results

In Turkey, 24 June 2018 will be held early presidential and parliamentary elections. The first election results look at Корреспондент.net .

In Turkey, 24 June there will be early presidential and parliamentary elections. Intrigue remains whether the second round of the presidential election, as the incumbent leader of the country of Rejep Tayyip Erdogan has a strong competitor from the opposition center-left Republican people’s party Muharrem ince. Many are predicting that he the passage together with Erdogan in the second round, which in the event will be held on 8 July.

The Turkish data of the exit polls and first results of the elections have already learn in the evening June 24 at Корреспондент.net.

Presidential elections: candidates and polls

For the post of President of Turkey in 2018 claim 6 candidates:

  • Recep Tayyip Erdogan from the Party of justice and development(acting President);
  • Muharrem ince, the Republican people’s party;
  • Meral aksener of the new Good in the country of the party;
  • Selahattin Demirtas from the people’s democratic party;
  • Timely Karamiloglu – the virtue Party (Saadet);
  • Perinçek Patriotic party (Vatan).

All candidates for the presidency of Turkey 2018 (photo: wikipedia.org)

The current President Erdogan remains the most popular candidate. This is evidenced by the results of all surveys. In случа6е his re-election, he promises to abolish the state of emergency, which was introduced in 2016 and which allows the government to introduce new laws without Parliament’s approval. However, for Muharrem ince a week before the election were ready to vote about 30%, which makes it a potential second member of the second round. The other day in Izmir inje collected two millionth rally his supporters. Muharrem 54 years old, he holds secular views and is a fierce critic of Erdogan. He current member of Parliament from the province of Yalova.

The third popular candidate and opponents of Erdogan – woman. Meral Aksener, which for a long time he was Vice-speaker of the Grand national Assembly of Turkey and heads a Good party, is the third in almost all the rankings and have no problem gaining 10% of votes. If Aksener not pass the second round, the votes of its voters can go to inje. 61-year-old Aksener – the former interior Minister, historian, is right-wing. The Guardian called Aksener “the only convincing candidate seeking to win over Erdogan”. In the fall of 2017 Aksener formed his own party a Good party, a presidential candidate from which it became.

Despite the fact that Erdogan remains the most supported candidate, it is likely that he will not be able to gain 50% +1 vote in the first round.

Survey data about the victory of Erdogan since the announcement of early elections in the range of 42-52%. The latest survey from the Center for American progress shows that he will score is 45.2%. Its main opponents – inje and Aksener – poluchat 19,0 11,3% in the first round, respectively.

The fourth candidate, Selahattin Demirtas, co-Chairman of the Pro-Kurdish peoples ‘ Democratic party. Demitras is in prison in 2016, that does not prevent him from campaigning nor legal, nor political grounds. According to forecasts, DCF will receive about 10%.

In 2016, Demirtaş accused of having links with the Kurdistan workers ‘ party, which is considered a terrorist. Demirtaş deprived of immunity and arrested on suspicion of terrorism and insult the current President.

But Selahattin Demirtas has the right to run for President, and leads the election campaign, being in prison.

Two candidates are a member of the Labor party Dogu Perincek and Timely Karamiloglu from the Party of happiness. Their electoral support is around several percent, respectively, they will not affect the outcome of the vote.

Voting rules

In 2017 in Turkey, a referendum was held, which adopted amendments to the Constitution. According to these changes, the new President will be not only the home country but also head of government, taking over the functions of the Prime Minister.

To win an election, a candidate must gain an absolute majority of votes – 50% plus one vote. In the case of nanbara will be held the second round (July 8). Official election results will be announced by the Supreme electoral Commission of Turkey for days after the polls close.

Presidential elections in Turkey in 2014 (fotoera/UPG)

Polling stations in Turkey will open at 8 a.m., the vote of citizens living abroad, is held separately.

Early elections of 2018 will be the second nationwide elections in the country (previously the President was chosen by Parliament).

Parliamentary elections in Turkey

Simultaneously with the presidential elections in Turkey will hold parliamentary elections.

In elections involving several political parties:

  • The party of justice and development (AKP),
  • The nationalist movement party (MHP),
  • The Republican people’s party (CHP),
  • “Good party,”
  • Sunni “Party of happiness” (or “felicity”),
  • The democratic party,
  • the Pro-Kurdish peoples Democratic party (HDP), etc.

In anticipation of early parliamentary elections in Turkey was created by two of the Alliance: “people’s Alliance” (AKP and MHP) and the Alliance of “people” (CHP, “Good party,” “felicity” and the Democrats).

The latest polls show that AKP is planning to vote approximately 45% of the respondents, and not less than 5% for the MPR. In this situation created by these parties, the Alliance will pass the threshold of 50%.

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