Photo: Getty the elections to the European Parliament

Following the vote the European people’s party can get 173 seats, and their allies the social Democrats- 147.

According to the first forecast of the outcome of the elections to the European Parliament, announced in Brussels, confirmed the prediction of the election victory of the European people’s party and the “Progressive Alliance of socialists and Democrats”, Interfax reported on 26 may.

In a preliminary analysis, based on the old distribution of political factions, they can obtain, respectively, 173 and 147 seats.

True also forecasts that the motion of the President of France Emmanuel Makron in Alliance with “the Alliance of liberals and Democrats for Europe” will be released on the third place. They can get, judging by the forecasts of the European Parliament, with 102 seats.

Only the European Parliament elections in 2019 elect 751 deputies. The turnout was 51 percent of the voters.

Earlier the Ukrainian Ambassador to the EU Nikolay Tochitskii stated that the main expectations of the European Parliament of a new President, Vladimir Zelensky and the new convocation of the Verkhovna Rada will be a steady continuation of the course of internal reforms and further the fight against corruption.

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