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The tests showed that microbial fuel cell cleans waste from the pathogens.

Urine is not just a product of our life. For several years she is a promising source of electricity. There are several technologies: for example, excrement from isolated carbon atoms that become part of the fuel cell catalysts.

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One of the most successful technologies to produce energy using microbial fuel cells. In 2013, the creators of the method received a grant from the charitable Foundation of bill and Melinda gates Foundation. The developers implemented the idea in several forms: from a simple charger for smartphones to socks, which could transmit GPS-coordinates.

The article is about an experiment published in the journal PLоS ONE.

Microbial fuel cells consist of three components: the cathode and anode chambers and a separating membrane . In the anode chamber under anaerobic conditions there are micro-organisms which “rip” electrons from the incoming material and transfer them to the anode. There are formed protons, which enter the cathode chamber through the membrane.

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The authors of the idea emphasize to widespread use of this technology, the production of electricity should be completely safe. System is needed clean-up of waste coming from sewage, from hazardous microorganisms. Only in this case the waste material after receiving the energy can be recycled — for example, to drain purified water from the river.

The validation scheme systems, Bristol Robotics Lab

The developers have tested fuel cell, adding to the waste the bacteria Salmonella enteritidis. Waste material the level of bacteria is quite consistent with sanitary standards.

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Today, scientists are working to enable the system to destroy all pathogens entering the urine. The next series of experiments will test the ability of a system to cope with viruses.