It became known about a new relationship popular actress. Paparazzi figured out beloved Helena.

About it reports “Russian Dialogue” with reference to the publication “StarHit”.

Elena was married four times, but each marriage was not entirely successful. After another divorce, the actress chose to hide any information about his personal life. But recently, journalists were able to declassify the new darling of Kondulainen.

To win the heart of Helena couldn Oleg Masons. Couple caught when she spent time in one of Moscow restaurants. The man behaved very gallantly and took care of his beloved. Lovers often held hands, talked and made some joint photos. After dinner, Oleg led Helen to the theatre where she was to speak.

The actress in an interview with reporters said that she really has a boyfriend, but did not want to share the details of the relationship . Kondulainen doesn’t want her happiness is constantly written in the press and detractors is then discussed.

It is worth noting that the current choice of a celebrity younger than her 17 years, but a couple the age difference did not bother.