Actress Alika Smekhova was unable to contain his indignation at the visit of the singer Elena Vaenga on the show “Evening Urgant”. Smekhova with his page in the social network publicly humiliated and insulted Vaenga, claiming that “they were astonished by the idiocy of” colleagues.

Smekhova admits that usually does not discuss colleagues in
social networks, however, the arrival of Elena to visit Urgant forced her to change the rules
reports “Russian conversation”. “Complete lack of a sense of humor, taste,
style and creepy clip… How is she, poor thing, works with this set?! Not
condemnation. Just amazed by the idiocy,” wrote Smekhova in

Note that subscribers of Laughter, commenting on her statement,
divided into two camps. Some saw the behavior Vaenga anything
reprehensible .

“No stiffness, no inferiority complex, I never saw him!
Cut the darkness! But Vaenga – cool! Do not be jealous!” – wrote Irina

But Tatyana, Jevtovic totally agree with Laughter.

“Looked at the issue. Terrible neckline in front
Urgant, tongue-tie, scratching the nose and simultaneously waved cross
which fell between the Breasts, and talk about the post that adheres to. So
absolutely agree with alikay”, – said Tatiana.