Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II made one of the most poignant political statement in the 67 years on the throne, reports “Russian conversation”.

According to The Sunday Times, the harsh words of the Queen were uttered at a private event shortly after the resignation of the head of the British government of David Cameron in 2016. The monarch was annoyed by attempts of politicians to involve in the resolution of the crisis output in the United Kingdom from the European Union. Elizabeth II was so infuriated that he said about the inability of British politicians to govern.

So she broke the cardinal rule is to remain neutral in political matters.

Since the Queen even more politicians in the “Breccia” that continues to undermine the situation in the UK.

We will remind, the new Prime Minister of Britain, Boris Johnson has promised to implement the country’s withdrawal from the European Union.

According to him, “Brakcet” will be held on October 31 “without any reservations”.