Ekaterina Klimova has excited their fans with a new picture that she added in his blog.

Popular actress Ekaterina Klimova loves to thrill his
fans of new photos. She put up a selfie in a bikini, showing all
convexity is presenting her shapely legs. This time, she
laid out frame, depicting a Topless, according to “Russian conversation”.

39-year-old mother of four looks snoggable on your age and status. Many journalists do not get tired to praise a woman
which gained the family fortune, but don’t forget about career growth. Klimova
is always present in the list of the sexiest Russian artists.
And she his own example shows how you can keep yourself in shape
even after four births.

A new picture the girl put up the other day. It’s bare, but
covers the chest hand. And its charming look attracts and acts like hypnosis .

Users of the social network constantly praise a woman
your comments and bombarded with likes.

Recall that Catherine is raising children different from their
sweethearts. Horoshilova Elizabeth, daughter from his first marriage with llya Horoshilovym. Sons
Matthew and Roots from his second marriage with Igor Petrenko. And the youngest daughter Bella
the woman gave birth to Gela Meskhi, whom she married in 2015.