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The team of Sberbank of Russia in Ukraine, called Poroshenko to take measures to restore their work.

The labor collective of the Ukrainian subsidiary Bank of Russian Sberbank called on the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko to take urgent measures to restore the constitutional rights of clients and employees and complete the work of the institution.

This is stated in the open letter of labor collective of JSC “Sberbank”, which, according to the institution, consists of more than two thousand Ukrainian citizens.

“Sberbank” is one of the largest Ukrainian commercial banks and operates under the license of the National Bank strictly in the framework of the Ukrainian legislation, which is confirmed by numerous checks of the regulator and regulatory bodies. We serve more than a million Ukrainian citizens, thousands of domestic enterprises . The Bank is one of the largest taxpayers in Ukraine over the last 3 years the amount of all taxes and fees that were paid by the Bank to the state and local budgets amounted to 1.8 billion UAH”, – stated in the letter.

The Bank announced that on March 13 about a hundred unknown persons blocked the entrance to the Central office and more than four hundred employees in the Bank building. On March 14, unknown perpetrators continue to block the building and do not allow employees to jobs and customers to the banking operations.

“Collective “savings Bank” strongly condemns the deliberate undermining of the Bank’s activities, the violation of constitutional rights and personal freedoms of Ukrainian citizens, who are the customers and employees of the Bank. In fact, data breaches, the Bank has repeatedly appealed to law enforcement agencies. Their reactions or actions against violators of the law was not”, – said in the letter.

The authors of the letter emphasize that ignorance of the law against the Ukrainian commercial Bank, its staff and customers not only affects the work of the institution, but also on the entire banking sector of Ukraine, causing the distrust of depositors and investors to the banking system as a whole, and adversely affects the investment climate in the country, assessing the situation and its image in the international arena.

As reported, on 7 March in the Russian media appeared information that the Russian “Sberbank” is ready to serve in its offices in Russia customers who present a “passport” so-called “DNR” and “LNR”, on the basis of a presidential decree on the recognition of these pseudodocument.

The Minister of internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov called to respond to the statement of the Russian “Sberbank”, the national Bank, which, in turn, said that in the case of confirmation of acceptance from the institution “passports” unrecognized “DNR” and “LNR” will trigger the sanctions of the Council of national security and defense in the form of prohibition of return of subsidiaries in Ukraine in favor of the parent structures in the Russian Federation loans and payment of interest thereon.

At the same time, a subsidiary Bank of Russian Sberbank in Ukraine, said strict compliance with international legislation and the legislation of Ukraine.

March 13 activists who want to revoke the license of the “Sberbank of Russia”, walled up the main entrance to the office of this institution on the street, Vladimir in Kiev center. Another entrance they blocked with sandbags. The participants also stated its intention not to allow employees of financial institutions today, March 14.