In Odessa ended, the multinational doctrines “XI Briz-2017”, which lasted from 10 to 23 July, according to the Department of interaction questions from mass media of administration of State border service of Ukraine on Sunday.

“The exercise plan was implemented story. And at the end of the exercise, the initiative group has announced an even more intense exercises “Sea Breeze-2018″, the development of which will begin within a few months”, – stated in the message.

During the closing ceremony of the “Sea Breeze – 2017” the leadership of the exercise said that the current maneuvers are different from all previous grown considerably in difficulty level. “And that such activities have strengthened cooperation and increased regional security and stability . As noted by the captain of 1 rank Matthew Lehman, each participating country can be proud of the results of the exercise, and Ukraine, as the country is the master, and which conducts these exercises since the 1990-ies can be proud of most,” – noted in the Department.

The exercise involved 30 ships and boats of the naval forces of Armed forces of Ukraine, USA, Turkey, Romania and Georgia. In addition, the exercise was attended by representatives of the Armed forces of Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Belgium, the UK, Georgia, Canada, Moldova, Lithuania, Norway, Poland and Greece.

The exercise was also attended by Ukrainian border guards. “The peculiarity of the participation of ship-boat composition of Sea protection of state frontier service traditionally is that in parallel with the execution of tasks according to the doctrines of military units are a real border guards in the territorial sea and Exclusive (Maritime) economic zone of Ukraine”, – told in state frontier service.

As reported, the doctrines “XI Briz – 2017” started in Odessa on 10 July and will end in September of this year. The exercises will be held in the Odessa and Nikolaev areas, and also in the northwestern part of the Black sea.

In total, the exercise involved more than 30 ships, boats and vessels provide, more than 25 aircraft and helicopters, as well as members from 16 countries, including Ukraine, with a total of more than 3 thousand people. At the same time with the Ukrainian side in the events of “sea Breeze”, except for the Military-naval forces of Armed forces of Ukraine, will be attended by units of the National guard, State border service, Land and Air forces of Ukraine.

“Sea breeze” has been held since 1997 every year in accordance with the “Memorandum of understanding and cooperation on defense and military relations between the Ministry of defense and Ministry of defense of Ukraine” of 1993. They are held with the aim of training and increasing combat readiness of Voyenno-naval forces of Armed forces of Ukraine on a bilateral basis, but are open to other countries.