Sat, 2 June 2018

Football 24

Sports news: Gareth Southgate Wards have beaten on the home field of the participant of the 2018 world Cup, but left some questions on his game.

England confidently spent the first half, possessing the initiative from the first minute to the last. Nigerians had only a few half chances and almost did not cross midfield, while the hosts again created danger in front of goal. In particular, stood out Raheem sterling and Jesse Lingard. The British are very quick lead, scoring after a corner kick, which was preceded by a cool strike from the penalty of Trippier. Gary Cahill closed the transmission with a header under the crossbar – 1:0.

Nigerians had nothing to oppose to it, and the hosts continued to break Nigerians. Sterling, Lingard and young again went one on one with the goalkeeper, but Excel they did not work or because of their own mistakes, or because of a desperate lock Balogun, or cool games goalkeeper . However, it is the latter and failed, conceding in the 39th minute of a blow to the centre of the goal from 20 metres is Cain punished Nigerians for the crop in the midfield and made it 2-0.

The second half, however, began with the severe pressure on the goal of Pickford. Nigerians were able to get on the scoresheet in the second minute when ighalo job corps in the penalty area and fired goalwards in the post and Iwobi finished – 2:1! Nigeria immediately rushed to the attack and took the first 15 minutes but neither the blows of Moses, nor the passages Iwobi did not help to win back the advantage of the British. The British, however, also has lost its competitive advantage – the match has clearly leveled off.

The last 20 minutes were associated with pauses to replace and even to drink. Trainers began to experiment, the game slowed down and crashed half chances created by both sides. To achieve a goal none of the teams could not, therefore, the final whistle signalled a difficult British victory – 2:1.

International friendlies

England – Nigeria – 2:1

Goals: Cahill, 8, Kane, 39 – Iwobi, 47