UN 24 Mar. /Offset. TASS Oleg Zelenin/. The Israeli authorities never took any steps to stop settlement activities in the occupied territories, not complying with the requirements of the resolution of the UN Security Council 2334, adopted in December 2016. This was stated by the special coordinator middle East peace process Nikolay Mladenov at a meeting of the security Council.

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“The resolution calls on Israel to take steps to halt all settlement activities in the occupied Palestinian territories, including East Jerusalem. No such steps during the reporting period has not been undertaken”, he said.

Mladenov recalled that in January it was announced about the plans to build 5.5 thousand housing units in the area “C” in the occupied West Bank of the Jordan river, in addition, in recent weeks in the same area were demolished 145 Palestinian houses . In East Jerusalem, said the emissary of the UN, the Israeli authorities issued a permit for the construction of 900 new housing units and demolished 48 buildings.

Israel refuses to comply with UN

December 23, 2016, the world organization security Council adopted resolution 2334, which demanded that Israel cease construction of settlements in the occupied territories, and called on the Palestinian leadership to condemn all acts of terrorism and to take measures to combat incitement to violence. The document was supported by 14 members of the UN security Council, while the US delegation abstained, not following the calls of the Jewish state to block the resolution. The Israeli authorities rejected the resolution immediately after its adoption, stating that it is not going to do it.

According to Mladenov, the Palestinian leadership in the accounting period also has not taken measures to prevent xenophobic rhetoric, and representatives of Hamas, which controls the Gaza strip, openly welcomed the attacks on Israelis. As stated by the UN special coordinator, such behavior “merits special censure and condemnation.”

Provocative statements, he said, were heard from the Israeli side. “A number of politicians have called for partial or complete annexation of the West Bank, and categorically rejected the possibility of a Palestinian state. One called for a Palestinian state “historical catastrophe” and “hallucination”, while another said that only the Jewish people have “national right” (land) between the Jordan river and the (Mediterranean) sea,” said the emissary, without naming specific names.

Speaking about the situation in the conflict zone in General, Mladenov said that the security situation in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory was “relatively calm”. According to the facilitator, the United Nations, militants in Gaza continued to fire into the Jewish state, in addition, Israeli security forces killed 11 and wounded 273 Palestinian civilians, including to prevent attacks on people. “Four Israeli soldiers were killed and 70 Israelis were injured by Palestinian attacks”, – he said.

Mladenov noted the efforts of countries for the rehabilitation of the Palestinian-Israeli peace process, including an international conference in Paris on 15 December and held in Moscow in the same month, a meeting with representatives of Fatah and Hamas.