Reconstruction of the battle of the First world war

© Alexander Alpatkin/TASS

KALININGRAD, August 19. /TASS/. Annual historic festival “Gumbinnen battle” opens on Saturday at Kaliningrad. This year it is timed to the 100th anniversary of the so-called “Kerensky Offensive” in June of 1917, who became the last offensive of the Russian army in the First world war and failed because of the collapse of discipline in the Russian army. About it reported in Department of information policy of the Russian military historical society (RVIO), playing one of the organizers of the festival.

“The festival will be attended by from 120 to 140 re-enactors,” said TASS in the RVIA. They are Kaliningrad, Saint-Petersburg, Kaluga, Noginsk, Tula, Serpukhov, Crimea, Pereslavl-Zalessky, Moscow and Moscow region. It is also planned the visit of the re-enactors from Ukraine. Viewers will be shown episodes of the summer offensive of the Russian army, the so-called “Kerensky Offensive”.

The festival will be held in the town of Gusev (former Gumbinnen) and in a field near the village of Lermontovo. Historical interactive platforms will present the work of a field hospital, weapons and equipment of the Russian and German armies. Will be a fashion show beginning of XX century.

The culmination will be the reconstruction of the battle on the Eastern front between Russian and German-Austrian armies. It, along with the infantry will take part from seven to 10 cavalry, four cannons will be used, recreated drawings of the world – two from each side. On the battlefield will be presented to the current model of the cannon and machine gun armored car of the Russian army “Mannesmann-Mulag”, developed in 1914. The planned restoration of episode part in the battles of the women’s battalion under the command of Maria Bochkareva.

The government of the Kaliningrad region reported that at this festival, episodes of reconstruction for the first time will be shown on big screens, which will be installed at the site, which will unfold the main events. Will be organized trade fair and masters of decorative-applied art, playgrounds. For viewers deployed exhibition of modern military equipment and weapons.

Festival “Humanesque battle”

The festival “Gumbinnen battle” takes place in Kaliningrad region in 2013. In the first year it was visited by about 25 thousand people. In 2014, the year of the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First world war, the number of viewers had increased to nearly 70 million, which was a record.

The organizers of the festival are the Russian military-historical society, the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation, the government of Kaliningrad region, administration of the Gusev urban district and the center of military and historical reconstruction “Garrison-A”.