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The prison ship Panama Papers Jail


Photo: 1week1project

The architects designed a ship is a prison with cameras in the style of “Game of thrones”.

According to the authors ideas, to serve his sentence on the ship will be open to both men and women, shied away from paying taxes.

French architects developed the concept of the ship-prison with a giant “paper sails”, which is supposed to be placed like honeycomb cells for prisoners. About it writes edition the Daily Mail.

Each camera and their ship will be more than three thousand sounds like a heavenly dungeon of the castle eagle’s nest, where he was serving a sentence Tyrion Lannister from the TV series “Game of thrones“. She has only three walls and the fourth is simply absent.

To serve his sentence on the ship Panama Jail Papers, the name of which refers to the scandal with the publication of “Panama records” will be both men and women who have committed tax crimes . The ship is cruising in international waters in the vicinity of the capital of Panama — Panama city — that once again reminds about the offshore scandal.

In the hold of the vessel, the authors of the concept propose to place the equipment for purification of sea water, shops and gym. The deck will be garden beds and greenhouses for growing vegetables and fruits.

Fans of the series, however, quite skeptical attitude to the incarnation of architects. Some of them called ship-prison, the most stupid possible ideas, others ask what will happen to the prisoners if the ship went down in a storm.