Estonia in the second round of voting at the meeting of the General Assembly of the UN elected non-permanent members of the UN security Council in 2020-2021 years in the group of Eastern European States.

For election it was necessary to recruit the 127 votes, Estonia received 132 votes, and its contender Romania 58 votes. The vote was attended by 190 States.

In the first round of voting Estonia scored in the group in Eastern Europe 111 votes, and Romania 78 votes. One vote gained Georgia and Latvia, two countries abstained from voting.

“Today’s decision all States of the world means that Estonia will be the next two years to enter the UN security Council that will help us to better defend the interests of our state and our people”, – said Friday after the vote, the President of Estonia Kersti Kaljulaid who took part in the meeting of the UN General Assembly.

According to her, “this will help us to stand for a better world, for the values without which neither we, nor many other States and Nations would not be the place in the world”.

The security Council consists of five permanent members (USA, Russia, France, Britain, China) and 10 non-permanent members elected for two years in rotation and representing different geographical regions.

At the UN General Assembly on Friday, the ballot had to elect five non-permanent members in 2020-2021 years from four regional groups: two States from Africa, one from Asia and the Atlantic region, one from Latin America and the Caribbean States and one from Eastern Europe.

Estonia was elected for a group of Eastern European States.

The term of membership starts on 1 January 2020.