Photo: Estonian Defence Forces In Estonia blew up a sunken torpedo boat

On Board the sunken boat were two torpedoes that represented a potential danger to navigation.

Officers of the Navy of Estonia blew up off the coast of the island of Saaremaa torpedo boat during the Second world war with two 533 mm torpedoes on Board. On Tuesday, 22 October, reported ERR.

“The benefits of the operation was twofold: sailors with special training can Polish your skills and neutralization of underwater explosive devices contributed to increased security at sea”, – said Lieutenant commander Mati Terve.

Torpedoes on Board the boat of type G-5 represented a potential danger, such as when trawling and lowering of an anchor, because they contained 600 kg of explosive.

In the period from 1933 to 1941 was released 300 torpedo boats G-5. During the Second world war they were considered as one of the fastest, but with the heavy sea conditions were mishandled.


A few days earlier in the North of Italy defused the bomb during the Second world war. For this, the authorities had to evacuate 4,000 people from the Northern town of Bolzano.

Recall that in February in the North-East of Paris evacuated about 1,600 people in connection with the operation to neutralize bomb during the Second world war.

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