During the scuffle in Parliament between participants of the action of owners of foreign-registered vehicles (the so-called “eurobserv”) and law enforcement officers were injured by a police officer.

“During a clash with activists injured by a police officer. Now doctors give him the necessary assistance. Active participant in events delivered in police Department” – the Department of communication of the police of Kiev on Thursday.

According to preliminary information, the protesters tried to block traffic at the intersection of Shelkovichnaya str and the street. “When the police tried to resolve the situation, one of the participants made arrival on the policeman. During detention the offender to threaten to cut his wrists with a knife. To calm the man, police used tear gas,” – said in the message.

Into place caused it is investigative-task force and an ambulance. Doctors provide necessary assistance to the affected officer.

The driver made arrival on the militiaman, was taken to the Pechersk police Department, which also sets his personal data and take an explanation.

The event has been duly registered in the magazine of the uniform accounting of statements and messages of the Pechersk police Department. After conducting a primary test will be given a legal assessment.

Earlier in the day in Parliament there was a scuffle between protesters car owners on avtonomera and ensure the rule of law by law enforcement officials. Police surrounded a car on avtonomera on the roadway Grushevskogo St., whose owner turned on the alarms and opened the hood of his car, thereby hampering traffic on the highway.