In the first match of the Czech stage of the Eurotour, which was handed down and carried out in Sweden, the Russian team conceded the hosts of ice (4:6). Now, to claim victory in the tournament, trust Ilya Vorobyov must defeat the Finns and the Czechs.

Russia played a mediocre match, allowing Sweden to apply on their goal nearly 40 shots and twice to implement most, although the Russians did not use any numerical advantage. But scored four goals — that’s a plus.

In the opening match of the Czech stage of the Eurotour Finland coped with the Czech team (3:2), pocketables for the defeat in the previous step, and in General winning a second consecutive victory in the tournament.

Finland, consisting of players from your League and the KHL, played a certain way — from defence and goalkeeper. Despite the fact that the Finns have put in two times less shots than the Czechs (21:41), this did not prevent them to take all three points.