We offer to your attention a live broadcast of the first match 1/8 finals of the Europa League between 2016/17 season between FC “Rostov” and “Manchester United”. The match will take place on 9 March. Beginning at 21:00 GMT.

His expectations of the match shared the head coach “Rostov” Ivan danielyants.

“Mkhitaryan? It’s nice that my compatriot is playing in a team. But don’t single anyone out. In the “MU” all players are dangerous. By the way, there will be many Armenians who, on the one hand, will maintain Mkhitaryan, and on the other to want to “Rostov” has won. One of the fans approached me at the airport and said that will scream Mkhitaryan on Armenian “don’t worry!”.

We must remember that this duel consists of two matches. Of course, we’ll try to score and not to concede.

Mourinho criticized the field? It is really not of the quality which used to play for our guests . In England is another matter, but the field will be the same for everyone. It must be borne in mind. Football is a contact sport. The quality of the field increases the risk of injury. But injury can be obtained under any circumstances,” said the coach Rostovites.