Photo: In Europe, due to the coronavirus that causes the problems started with the harvest

In Europe do not have enough seasonal labour, which has often consisted of visiting foreigners.

EU countries are experiencing a shortage of seasonal labour due to pandemic COVID-19. It is reported by several European media Wednesday, April 15.

Deutsche Welle writes that farmers in Spain can’t find workers to harvest strawberries. Due to quarantine in Spain are unable to get seasonal workers from Morocco, and workers from Eastern Europe have returned home. In particular, in the province of Huelva, which produces 97% of Spanish strawberries, lacks 25 thousand employees.

Germany, according to the newspaper, we still have 300 thousand people to work on farms. The country eased restrictions on crossing borders, which the country went, the citizens of Romania – April 9 at the airport of Cluj-Napoca in North West Romania gathered about 2 thousand seasonal workers wishing to fly to Germany.

Politic reports that in Italy, ripe asparagus and strawberries, but quarantine does not allow migrant workers to enter the country. The Minister of food, agriculture and forestry Teresa Bellanova offered to give work permits to migrants without the necessary documents to solve the crop problem.

Due to the shortage of migrant workers in European supermarkets may increase the price of fresh produce, warned European parliamentary research center.

Foreign Policy warns that the pandemic threatens to disrupt the global supply chain of food. The production of basic grains such as wheat, corn and soybeans, to a lesser extent suffered from restrictive measures, since their collection is mostly mechanized. The problems will be mainly with vegetables and fruit: they are perishable and their picking and packing the right people.

Also there are problems with transportation of products by sea. In connection with the quarantine measures of the commercial court are not free to enter the ports or taking on new crew members, which also negatively affects the supply of food.

Recall that the number of countries ready to send for Ukrainian migrant workers the Charter. The foreign Ministry think whether to allow the Ukrainians to go for seasonal work abroad.

Ukraine increased exports of agricultural products by 14%

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