Announced the “space bridge” with the participation of banned in Ukraine the propaganda TV channel Russia-24 and one of the Ukrainian channels is a big challenge for information security of Ukraine, said the party “European Solidarity”.

“Announced for July 12 “teleconference” with the participation of banned in Ukraine the propaganda TV channel Russia-24 and one of the Ukrainian channels, which is included in the media group Viktor Medvedchuk is a serious challenge for the whole information security of Ukraine”, – said in a statement on the party page on Facebook on Thursday.

In the “European solidarity”, stressed that “this project is the unconditional legalization of propaganda on Russian content through the Ukrainian mass media, which we interpret as actions that create real threats to national interests, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine”.

The party recalled that according to the decree of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko №549/2015 from 2 September 2015 “On the use of personal special economic and other restrictive measures (sanctions),” TV channel Russia-24 is in structure of Federal state enterprise “Russian state television and radio broadcasting company” and financed from the budget of the aggressor country, is under sanctions. With respect to the channel, there is a norm about “the restriction or discontinuance of telecommunications services and use of telecommunication networks of General use”.

“We remind the initiators and the direct perpetrators of this “TV show” that deliberate acts aimed at inciting national, racial or religious enmity and hatred, on humiliation of national honor and dignity are subject to criminal investigation,” – said in a statement.

Also, the party believes that conducting “teleconference” is an exceptional provocation by the Kremlin. “This is another mechanism of influence on the Ukrainians during the election campaign. The goal is simple – through seems to be talking “about the world” to get to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine as a lot of Pro-Russian deputies to politically secure the rematch in the Verkhovna Rada”, – stressed in the “European Solidarity”.

The force urges the security Service of Ukraine, the national security Council and defense of Ukraine, the national Council on television and radio to give instant reaction on the so-called “teleconference”, announced a propaganda channel.

However, in “European solidarity” assured that, in the absence of reaction, “we reserve the right to protest against the inaction of these authorities”.

“Teleconferences with Russia is possible only when the last boot of the Russian military leave the territory of Ukraine!” summarized in “European Solidarity”.