The party of “European solidarity” believes that “prisoner exchange” was organized only in order to cover up the traces of crimes committed during the Maidan.

“The government’s decision on the exchange of individuals involved in crimes against participants of the revolution of Dignity, will cut the last strings to the direct customers of crimes, and it is already clear that these roads lead to Moscow, to the main customer, President Putin and his puppet Yanukovych. The desire of the Russians to Berkut officers under its jurisdiction is a public recognition of the Kremlin’s involvement in mass shootings on the Maidan, and the operation for the exchange of prisoners needed solely in order to cover up crimes which marked the beginning of Russian military intervention in Ukraine,” – said in a statement, obnarodovano the press service of political power.

In European solidarity stressed that they understand the critical importance of liberation of the Ukrainian citizens from captivity, and this is why Petro Poroshenko has secured the release of more than 3 thousand Ukrainian prisoners, finding other opportunities for the liberation of Ukrainians from captivity.

The political forces believe that the loss of the persons involved in murders on the Maidan, will prevent the punishment of the perpetrators and sponsors of crimes committed during the revolution of dignity, and the responsibility for this will lie solely on the current government and personally the President Zelensky.

“European Solidarity” condemns listing on the exchange of prisoners of former employees of “Berkut”, which was involved in the killings of the Heavenly hundred during the revolution of Dignity,” – said in a statement.



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