The party of “European solidarity” in favour of the appointment of the elected MP, Lieutenant-General Mikhail Zabrodsky as the head of the Committee on national security and defence in Parliament on 9-th convocation.

“It is unlikely that in Parliament it is possible to find a more professional person than Michael Zabrodsky, on the head of the Committee on national security and defence, because it’s true. He has experience of protecting the territorial integrity and defence, the strategic vision of the national security and defense of the state, he has good English, study abroad, a clear understanding of what the NATO countries, and a clear answer to the question whether NATO troops,” – said the elected people’s Deputy of the Parliament of the 9th convocation, the first Vice-speaker of Parliament of the 8th convocation Irina Gerashchenko at a press conference on Tuesday, reports a press-service of “European solidarity”.

In its opinion, the distribution of committees in Parliament should occur in accordance with professional competence and experience of the candidates.

In addition, said Gerashchenko, “European solidarity” calls of the party “Fatherland” and “the Voice” to join forces and to discuss proposals on the management committees.

Makarov was elected the people’s Deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of the 9-th convocation on the party list of “European solidarity” (number 4).



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