The Head Of Europol, Ron Wainwright

The head of Europol told about the mafia tomorrow.

In Europe there are more than five thousand organized criminal groups who were able to significantly upgrade their activities. About this informed the head of Europol, Ron Wainwright in the Hague on Thursday, 9 March.

According to him, the gang are working on a method of multinational corporations using international contacts and the latest technology. Thus, the European intelligence Agency expects that the gang in the near future will start using drones to transport drugs. “We have to be ready for it,” said Ron Wainwright.

Drugs remain the main field of activity of gangs: more than a third of all criminals involved in the manufacture, sale and distribution of drugs.

The profits from this criminal business reaches 24 billion Euro per year. EU countries are, according to Europol, the main global centre for the production of synthetic drugs .

Of particular concern to the Europol cybercrime causes. Professionals can get in touch with employers from the world of crime as on open online platforms, and in a Darknet is anonymous and protected Internet.

“Crimes are part of services”, – commented the head of Europol.

At the same time remains consistently high and the number of “traditional” crimes – car theft, fraud, money laundering, pickpocketing.

Recall that in 2016 in Ukraine, the detection of crimes has fallen to 30%.

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