Eurovision 2017


The first event is already scheduled for may 4.

Officially, the Eurovision song contest 2017 in Kiev starts may 9, but before the musical guests of the contest will find many interesting.

The main dates of the Eurovision 2017:

4 may – the opening of the European Village in Kyiv, where guests and residents of Kiev will be able to watch live broadcasts, and various entertainment programs and concerts. Also there are special food courts.

Eurovision-2017: Became known to the Ukrainian jury

May 7 – the so-called “red carpet”, that is, the opening ceremony of the Eurovision song contest 2017. It is worth noting that the Kiev track of the contest will be the longest in the history of the Eurovision song contest is 265 meters. It will be located next to the Mariinsky Palace near the Parliament building.

May 1-14 – working Euroclub, designed for the indoor activities of the delegations of the participating countries .

9 and 11 may – the semi-finals of the competition, in which contestants will compete for a place in the final.

May 13 – final stage of the competition – the Eurovision song contest 2017.

The timing of the stages of the competition:

The first semi-final on may 9 in Kyiv International exhibition center at 22-00.

From Ponomarev to Jamala: history of Ukraine at “Eurovision” (Video)

The second semi – final on may 11 at the Kiev International exhibition centre at 22-00.

Final – may 13, in Kiev International exhibition center at 22-00.

In the days of the semifinals and finals will be held the rehearsal at 14: 00.