Eurovision 2017


Photo: from open sources

Ruslana is now in Riga, where he answered journalists ‘ questions during a press conference in the framework of the Eurovision Pre-party.

Eurovision winner Ruslana has rigidly commented on the ban on entry to Ukraine contestant from Russia Yulia Samoilova.

“Those who have selected an artist from Russia, knew about the Laws of Ukraine, but because it is clearly a provocation. Therefore, Ukraine and reacted. The security service could not in this situation to act otherwise. Perhaps some of this is hard to understand, but in Ukraine every day people continue to die. I hope that propaganda will not twist my words,” said Lyzhychko.

According to her, Europe will go to Ukraine with great interest. “I was very actively invited to Ukraine, dispelling all stereotypes. What to expect from the Ukraine, I said that it will be a mix of new original ideas,” she said .