Eurovision 2018

Thu, 10 May 2018

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Culture news: Viewers cannot vote for the representative of his country at “Eurovision-2018”.

To vote in the Eurovision song contest 2018, can the people of each country participating in the Eurovision song contest.

During Eurovision in 2018 there will be three voting: after the first and second semi-finals on 8 and 10 may, and a popular vote after the final on may 12.

We emphasize that Ukraine can only vote in the second semi-final and final, as determined by a draw. The audience of the participating countries can vote for their favorite song via SMS, phone calls, and with the help of mobile applications “Teleportal” (without the opportunity to vote for the song that represents their own country).

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In addition, each participating country appoints a national jury . Participants of the Eurovision song contest 2018 will be judged from Ukraine such artists as Christine Nightingale, ALLOISE, music producer Vitaly Klimov, radio host Denis Zhupnik and musician Artur Danielyan.

In order to vote for their favorite participant, please send an SMS with the number of participant to number 7766, which will be announced live. The viewer can vote up to 20 times one or more performers.

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The window for voting in the 2nd semi-final and final will be open for 15 and 40 minutes respectively after the speech, the last performer to be announced presenters.

The number of votes one phone number can’t exceed 20, however you choose exactly how many votes to give to one or another party. Note that on 20 votes include all possible options for sending information on phone calls, sms voting via mobile apps.

The value 1 is sent via SMS or “Teleportal” 5 UAH including VAT. Be charged to the pension Fund and 7.5% of service cost excluding VAT. Only for adults. The service is available for all GSM-operators in Ukraine.

If you send SMS over the country, where money from your account will be written off, however, the vote will not count. We remind that Ukrainian viewers cannot vote for the singer MELOVIN.

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In 2016 at Eurovision changed the rules of counting of votes. Early points from the jury and spectators were added and participants received one overall rating for each country.

Now the judges and the audience will award points to performers separately, and will be aired to announce two scores. With this system the audience until the last minute will not know the name of the winner. After all, the voices of the audience will be lead to announce the starting of the country that received the fewest points and ending with the country with the highest number of points.

In case of equal number of points, the winner is the participant with the highest number of votes from viewers.

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In the case of televoting, the song that gave the highest number of audience votes, ranked first, the song that received the second highest number of votes, ranked second, and so on until the last song.

Members of the national jury are the stars out where their favorite song is in the first place, second favorite song – the second, third favorite song is the third, and so on until their least favourite song is in the latest place.

Then the rankings of televoting and juries from each participating country are used to calculate the scores, where the highest rating the song gets 12 points, second in the ranking of song – 10 points and the remaining points from 8 to 1 are given to the songs ranked 3 to 10.

That is, voice will be given two separate sets: the points from the jury and points from the televoting.

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The ten countries that were in the finals, will be announced at the end of each semi-final. However, this order does not reflect the actual result of the countries after the vote. Full voting results will be announced shortly after the finals on the official website to keep the intrigue until the end of the contest.