Today, may 12, in the capital of Portugal – Lisbon has hosted the final of the prestigious song contest Eurovision-2018. Unfortunately, the representative of Russia Yulia Samoilova made it to this stage, but lovers of music and art in any case appreciated the vocal data of the remaining contenders. We haven’t missed this event, and all the details in our live online broadcast.


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Well, it was a great competition with a worthy participants! Congratulations to Netta and perhaps this is it for tonight . Thank you that watched the final of the Eurovision song contest the 2018 along with us and see you soon!

` The maximum number of points from the audience went to Israel – Nette! She has 529 points!

Meanwhile, we offer to your attention video of the speech of the winner of the Eurovision song contest in 2018!

` 249 Italy.

` 215 the Czech Republic.

` 188 Denmark.

` 136 Germany.

` 119 Ukraine.

` 102 Estonia.

` 84 Norway.

` 75 of Serbia.

` 71 of Austria.

` 66 Bulgaria.

` 62 Ireland.

` 58 of Albania.

` 25 points in the UK.

` 23 Finland.

` 21 Sweden.

` 18 Spain.

` 9 points of Australia.

` Now the audience voting.

` The professional jury of the 43 countries have voted! The leader of Austria, the assets of which 271 score! Followed by Sweden (253), and closes the top three Israel (212).

` Portugal voted for Estonia.

` Slovenia for Sweden.

` Lithuania – Austria.

` Poland for Austria.

` Israel voted for Austria.

` Switzerland for Germany.

` Russia gave 12 points to Moldova.

` Finland for Israel.

` Germany voted for Sweden.

` Montenegro – Serbia, of course.

` Greece – Cyprus, very predictable.

` Bulgaria gave 12 points to Austria.

` Armenia – Sweden.

` Cyprus votes for Sweden.

` Estonia – Austria.

` Australia – Sweden.

` Italy – Norway.

` France set of 12 points to Israel.

` Norway – Germany.

` Belgium – Austria.

` Moldova – Estonia.

` Iceland gave 12 points to Austria.

` Czech Republic – Israel.

` Romania – Austria.

` Ireland has put 12 points to Cyprus.

` Croatia – Lithuania.

` Albania – Italy.

` Latvia – Sweden.

` Sweden gave 12 points to Cyprus.

` Britain – Austria.

` Denmark – Germany.

` 12 points from Austria, Israel.

` Spain put 12 points to Cyprus.

` Georgia – Sweden.

` Malta – Cyprus.

` Macedonia – Estonia.

` The Netherlands gave 12 points to Germany.

` San Marino – Israel.

` Belarus – Cyprus.

` Azerbaijan gave Albania the maximum number of points.

` Ukraine gave 12 points to France.

` And now the participating countries vote! We will call main 12 points.

` So in the press center waiting for the outcome of the vote.

photo: Artur Gasparyan

` Salvador Gathered, last year’s winner, performs her solo number!

photo: Artur Gasparyan

` Pauline Bogussevich, winner of the Junior Eurovision 2017, on the stage right now.

` Viewers around the world are already sending Text messages with their choices, but we have to wait quite a bit.

` Our correspondent Artur Gasparyan, meanwhile, reports that during his speech, the representatives of Cyprus in the hall was literally hysterical, as many walls were shaking.

ALL! We watched all the rooms and then – vote!

26` Song to accompany the credits in many languages.

26` the Final room of the final of Eurovision-2018 – Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro from Italy.

25` Gave the fire a Cypriot singer, and voice, and dance.

25` Eleni, Furara from Cyprus is also one of the main favorites!

24` another lyrical song, and Ryan not only sings, but also plays the guitar.

24` Ryan O’shaughnessy (Ireland) with the song “Together” on stage.

23` Country style for this competition we have not seen, the more valuable this room.

23` Waylon from the Netherlands on.

22` is a Colorful character to be sure. Charisma level, the song also for a long time can sit down at the head.

Do your #12Points go to Israel? #ESC2018

— Eurovision (@Eurovision) may 12, 2018

22` in Front of us favorite – Netta from Israel.

21` Here are the guys lit so lit! And the hall jumped to the audience, and the stage became crappy and the special effects were on the level! In General, judge for yourself:

This is a big one for #Eurovision bingo: Fire ?? Check. Fireworks ?? Check. Crowd surf ?? TICK! AWS are ROCKING! #ESC2018 #AllAboard #HUN

— Eurovision (@Eurovision) may 12, 2018

21` Rock from Hungary – group AWS!

20` Literally glowed with happiness Ingrosso during his speech – that they are emotions.

20` Benjamin Ingrosso from Sweden I will try to conquer the jury.

19` Hall met with applause, the performance of the guys from Moldova!

19` of Fun and naughty song indeed. Recall that worked on it, Philip.

19` Moldovan group DoReDos with the song “My lucky day”.

18` Good voice from the soloist, before many have noted.

18` Group EQUINOX (Bulgaria) followed.

17` Saara Aalto from Finland stands at number 17.

She’s got us spinning, it’s @saaraaalto and her Monsters! #ESC2018 #AllAboard #FIN

— Eurovision (@Eurovision) may 12, 2018

16` Traditionally rousing number performed by Australian singer.

16` Jessica Mauboy (Australia) on stage.

15` the Entourage guys have created, but I wanted something more… Brutal.

15` Rasmussen from Denmark on. The Vikings are coming!

14` Fashionable, style, youth is the best review of the performance of Czech.

Do your #12Points go to Czech Republic? #ESC2018

— Eurovision (@Eurovision) may 12, 2018

14` Mykolas Josef (Czech Republic) now.

13` By the way, the guys got the award for best lyrics. As it is called, not very originally – Mercy.

13` the French Duo Monsieur Madame is acting.

12` it is Evident that directly a soul singer puts into his performance.

12` Event Bushpepa from Albania in the queue.

11` the Song is dedicated to father Michael, who is no longer alive,and shots behind him relevant.

11` Michael Schulte (Germany) – followed.

10` a Very atmospheric room, largely thanks to the flute, which evolyutsioniruet in the dance.

10` Serbian band Sanja Ilić & Balkanika on.

9` So, what was it… Some seems to be completely left man ran on stage and grabbed the laurels of the singer.

9` Beautiful visualization of the numbers highlighted through geometric shapes.

9` SuRie from Britain prepares to speak.

8` Supporting Pascal, some girls dyed their hair pink.

Do your #12Points go to Portugal? #ESC2018

— Eurovision (@Eurovision) may 12, 2018

8` Claudia Pascale, the hostess of the Eurovision-2018 is on the scene!

7` Well, as without a solo on the violin! The main advantage of the Fisherman.

7` Alexander Rybak, perfectly familiar to us, is Norway.

6` Powerful vocal performance, beautiful dress, and Elina can not not like it!

6` Nechaeva Elina from Estonia will perform the song in Italian.

5` one would assume that this guy’s gonna do something enchanting, but it takes a very static room, where only hops in place.

5` Cesar Sampson from Austria on.

4` And again sensual song that makes everyone not only to penetrate her, but to the beat of shake flashlights phones.

4` the Representative of Lithuania Eva Zosimovskaya prepares to charm us all.

3` To the status of an expert in any case not expect, but somehow it lacked the emotions with the mind… While trying to make room.

3` Lea Sirk from Slovenia in the queue.

2` to match their lyrical song, the entire audience pulled out cell phones and light their lanterns. The atmosphere in Lisbon – the coolest!

2` the Duo from Spain Alfred Amaya.

1` In a burst of speech (of course it was planned), the artist slipped off the black cloak and a white coat sat behind a piano. While all around in literally lit up.

1` Opens the finale programme, the representative of Ukraine – Melovin.

Wonderful leading Eurovision-2018 – Philomena has Cautela, Silvia Alberto, Daniela Rua and Catarina Furtado – in the beautiful dresses said it: “Yes will start the contest!”

` We now have the parade of participants. The flags and the artists themselves.

Who will get your #12points tonight? Let’s welcome the finalists! #ESC2018 #AllAboard

— Eurovision (@Eurovision) may 12, 2018

` Marisa opens the final of Eurovision!

` Here is an arena two minutes before the start.

photo: Artur Gasparyan

` Our correspondent Artur Gasparyan reports from the scene – europanache flock Altice Arena in Lisbon.

photo: Artur Gasparyan

` Hello, Hello, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the Eurovision finals in 2018, which will start from minute to minute!

Julia Samoylova are unable to cope with the nerves, because of which Russia had not entered the final of Eurovision-2018. In an interview with “MK” after his speech, the singer called the incident a terror, and horror, but noted the need not to give up and to pursue music further.

Watch the video on:
“Video presentation of Yulia Samoilova at the Eurovision song contest-2018: forgot the words”


Meanwhile, in a crucial stage of the contest made it 26 players. After you know their names, and the jury estimated their performances, bookmakers have revised the favorites of the Eurovision song contest. So, they believe that the main contender for victory is fereira, Eleni (Cyprus), and behind it is the representative of Israel Netta.

One of the original favorites – Alexander, to the surprise of many dropped to the eighth place, however, this does not mean that he is not able a second time to win the prestigious contest.

Special attention should be paid to the group DoReDos (Moldova), a song which he wrote for Philip Kirkorov together with the poet John Ballard. Their incendiary room conquered many semi-finals and now they need also to light today.

Special correspondent of “MK” Arthur Gasparyan for all days of the Eurovision song contest is in Lisbon on the final day will also pass from the scene exclusive footage and commentary. Well, our live webcast of this event will start at 22:00 Moscow time, don’t miss out!