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Culture news: this year the voting will take place by new rules.

The press service of the contest said about this news on his official page. It is noted that now the attention will be taken not a personal opinion of each judge, and their collective assessment.

Before votes are counted on a simple scheme of vychisleniya average, now the judges ‘ scores will be calculated in a more complex scheme. The scoring of each jury member will have a different weight. Everything will depend on the position for which the judge put member. The lowest score will influence the final result to a lesser extent than higher, as shown on the chart.

As a result, the decision of the judges will affect the subsequent result is greater than the opinion of each jury member individually . This rule is introduced in order to avoid situations, when most judges give preference to one party, and the final result is changed due to the opinion of someone one of the judges.

“Given this change in the voting procedure the jury, we can ensure that higher scores of the songs shall be awarded consistently and that the view of the panel of judges will be worth more than the opinion of each of them individually,” – said the supervisor of Eurovision Jon Ola Sann.