People didn’t believe my eyes, scribbled to me in PM: “It is true?” “And on the track Julia went?”, “Didn’t you?”, “It’s not fake?”. Only have time to fight back: all true… Just pictures from the two events happened simultaneously on may 6 at Eurovision in Lisbon, included with each other in such a screaming contrast – aesthetically and content – that do could be cognitive dissonance.

The leadership of the Russian delegation at the “Eurovision” at the invitation of our Embassy in Portugal decided to join in the action “Immortal regiment” and voiced it in the form of policy notes the entire creative team of the delegation.

A few dozen people, and maybe just visiting Sunny Portugal, decided to hold in the square in front of the Embassy and with his active participation “field” action “Immortal regiment”. As of may 9 workday here, the event was shifted to Sunday . Carrying portraits of soldiers-grandfathers, Stalin t-shirts, and somehow Lenin, who died long before the war, the red banner embroidered with gold inscription in Ukrainian “Proletar vsih Cran ignites!”. Whether in Russian is not found, or with intent what…

On the stage, decorated with St. George ribbons, a local activist in forage caps played military and Patriotic songs. By notes and tonalities, hard, emotionally, sometimes even shrill. The notorious thrash metal, which is so often kicked Eurovision, materialized suddenly in such an unexpected context…

Samoilov was invited to join voodushevlenno choral chant, although it is possible that he wanted… She drove all over the area here and there, pulling against the background of the artist the red banners with Lenin-Stalin, posters, ribbons, balls, portraits. Photos, selfies, autographs…

Wandering around the local population, enjoying the Portuguese relaxed and carefree day, not without anxiety was unusual for them the picture, but the special emotions politely did not show. In the end, they were not invited. So strangers in their own home, they carefully kept away by the wall… the Russians showed their pride.


Then joyful Europalace cheerfully moved to main (for Lisbon) event of the day – the official opening ceremony of “Eurovision 2018”. On the picturesque Bank whether more of the river Tagus, or have the Atlantic ocean where two water substance merge into one – the organizers rolled out the long Blue carpet, the color symbolizing the blue of the sea. Change the normal red color of the ceremonial walkway was, of course, the subject of various jokes, jokes, enthusiasm, sarcasm, irony, praise, but most of all rejoice the delegate from Moldova, Philip. “Typical!”, – enthusiastically he commented, referring to his latest hit, “the color of the blue mood”.

Moldova – Moldova, but in principle it too could be along with Samoilova start the day with “the Immortal regiment”. And that poor little one for all to take the rap… And the people on the square no matter what holiday. But there was no voluntary impulse… Or just not informed… Then this is a puncture in the work of the Embassy.

But the main character of Blue paths (of course, after the mother of Natty, the favourites of the competition, which in a wedding white dress pulled funny PA to the delight of photographers until she needs to use the bathroom, and more netto no one has seen; and Alexander Rybak, our “norvego-Belarusian”, which has never disappeared and was favored by enthusiastic media attention) was adorable Spitz Julia Samoylova Tim. It certainly all wanted to cuddle, Pat and photograph along with the hostess, which, in turn, was infinitely happy around that on this day it was.

The hour that Julia Samoylova spent on the Blue carpet of “Eurovision” under the gun camera lenses, cameras, surrounded by journalists and microphones, was to date the highlight of her life and work, where, of course, had been the “Star of Alla” (Alla Pugacheva), and the opening of the Sochi Paralympic games, and many other triumphs, achievements and achievements. However, the cherished dream of ambitious and motivated women, as you know, has always been notorious Eurovision, but this is the dream she always seemed very distant. Not without reason… And suddenly the stars were incredible in such a configuration that “dream come true”, sang a group of “Technology”.

About this “configuration” so much has been said around broken such number of copies, it came so many external factors, other people’s ambitions and even geopolitics, but the bottom line is descended on the head of happiness, where even the track, like her dream, blue. This is why it says the artist at a press conference saying that she does not want anyone to compete, but just wants to “enjoy this joy and to give people a piece of yourself” bribe directness, sincerity, brand personal experience, the exact emphasis on personal priorities and, probably, deserve, finally, to all others to relax and calm down. And then, as represented by the screams and howling, which may occur if the result of the voting will again seem “politically motivated,” takes much frightened…


Just something simple ceremony was attended by the President of Portugal Marcelo de Sousa. Many have not even noticed the arrival of the President. Can you imagine this in our environment? The Portuguese themselves, of course, was thrilled: “He’s such a Charmer!” He’s already the 20 th President in Portugal, they’re still changing, so, apparently, there was not much pathos, and just sweet fellowship and human emotions. Celebrated the coveted selfie with the President and TV presenter Yana Churikova. “Are you from Russia? Welcome to Portugal!” — charmed Ian smiles, manners and a “real diplomacy,” Mr. Souza. And then just as quietly retreated, and appeared…

The saddest, despite the cheerful color of the track looked Alekseev. It seemed that the pop star was cleared, stumped and if even avoided the cameras. With the Director and producer of your room Forever Oleg Bodnarchuk they did not seem to notice the cheerful holiday. Sitting on the sidelines, intently talked, while all around, all ate, drank, talked happily, leaping laughed and enjoyed the beauty of the surrounding nature.

ALEKSEEV and Oleg Bodnarchuk didn’t pay attention to the occasion

Also popular in Ukraine, Russia and Belarus singer to break in the first semifinal under the flag of Belarus on 8 may. Insidious draw left the artist without hope of a potential support and from his native Ukraine, and loving from Russia, as both countries are, and therefore vote in the second semifinal. Of course, there is hope in the voices of his loyal fans in other countries participating in this round, Estonia, Azerbaijan, Israel, Armenia. However, the task is to get to the “checkpoint” ten of the 19 countries is complicated not only by the need for three minutes of tender songs and performances to fall in love with the audience, before anything about the artist not heard, not Plavsic from his “Drunken sun”, “Oceans of steel” and other mega hit, but gathered according to the law of meanness in this round shaped scattering potential “walk-through” of the contestants making the competition as intense, and so very unpredictable.

But really, if you pass Alekseev in the final, then there should be this amazing unity of Ukraine and Russia in voting for your pet. In any case, this possible original passage, many observers are waiting here with great curiosity.

Alexander Rybak in turn, there is simply no doubt in the final, but serious about the second europeade. His disarming smile and gushing positive do remind many a triumph for the artist’s days in Moscow “Eurovision” in 2009 And as a real master Fisherman attends the Academy of music in Lisbon with a large-scale workshop, where children and students of all ages choir sing it is already a textbook Fairytail and heed not only serious, but also humorous lessons of Eurogiro about how to write songs – That’s How You Write a Song.


And personally, I would like to hold a master class for journalists about how not only necessary, but also how not to write and behave in a professional sense and the human dimension. It’s amazing how even young pisun from Russia and Ukraine, countries formally declaring the commitment made different values, often look and behave as if hatched from one beaker “Mr. promoter” podokshin biomaterial.

Last year at the contest in Kiev, I’ve been distorted by some Russian media, which had to be upsetting. This time on the Blue carpet of Performed me literally stuck right business kind of guy, asked the review to the Ukrainian TV channel. A Dmitry Furdak. He asked whether it was true that Russia will not show the first semi-final because of the “propaganda of gay values” in the Irish participant Ryan O’shaughnessy?

In a nice ballad Together “about the life of the streets of Dublin” two dancers depict romance in a rather low-key, but quite lucidly accentuated the choreography… don’t Fink Krista, in General, for a passionate kiss which tanzara at the competition in Malmo in 2013 with a sinking heart and bubbles validol at hand then watched live all the guardians “spiritual braces”…

I calmed agitated colleague WILL show, but not in live and in recording, for an hour and a half later. Of course, that cut the number of broadcast is impossible, because it would be a violation of the rules and will result in a terrible scandal. Detailed crux of the matter: because in Russia there is indeed a painful thing for everything connected with this subject, such a transfer MIGHT look like motivated and for this reason, however, official confirmation, of course not, and a formal explanation – the TV series, the final series of which it would not want to move because of the competition for another time. Because Russia is in the second semifinal, the stream in the recording “not his” tour is allowed by the rules, and even allowed the rejection of such a broadcast, but live in Russia, in spite of this, will. That’s what I explained to Fugaku.

And that scribbled in Ukraine? “A prominent journalist from Russia” reported that in Russia “decided to cancel the broadcast”. Here, though the forehead, though his forehead. We’re still kindred spirits…

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