Salvador Sobral


Photo: from open sources

Culture news: Netta, in turn, commented on the statement Gathered in his Twitter.

The winner of the Eurovision song contest in Kiev, 2017 Salvador Gathered quite severely criticized the song, the representative of Israel at Eurovision 2018 Netty. Gathered not too chose his words in an interview with Público, 24tv reports citing The Telegraph.

“Fortunately, this year I’m not supposed to hear anything. I only know songs of Portugal and Israel, because YouTube made me watch YouTube… thought I like the song of Israel, and then I opened it, and there’s a terrible song,” said Sobral.

I should add that the net responded to these words Assembled. On Twitter she posted a picture with the representative of Cyprus Eleni Foregrou and says “Send only my love to El Salvador and to all artists of all genres”.

Sending only love to Salvador, and to all artists of all genres ♥ I pic.twitter .com/mcGHpIXTNz

— Netta Barzilai (@NettaBarzilai) 9 may 2018.


I should add that Netta is one of the favorites of the Eurovision 2018.