The popular presenter has once again published his candid photo.

About it reports “Russian conversation”.

Recently Evelyn increased her chest. Celebrity long dreamed about this operation, but decided to go to the doctors just now. Itself Bledans’t told the fans about it openly, but about the surgery told surgeons.

By the way, social network users have also noticed changes in the shape of Evelina. The actress began to wear tight things, not wearing out a bra, and her Breasts apparently increased in size. Approved a new look Bledans, saying that the star began to look much more attractive.

Leading recently decided to once again show off your gorgeous figure. In the official profile in the “instagrame” Evelyn published a photograph in skimpy clothes. Star once again not wearing a bra, but put on the body a long, white tank top . Image Bledans complemented with a massive jewelry.

It should be noted that the outfit emphasizes big Breasts actress and her beautiful figure.

Fans appreciated the new photo of the celebrity by putting a lot of “likes” and wrote approving comments.