First things first.

Coronavirus in Ukraine

As of the morning of April 17, in Ukraine recorded 4662 cases of infection with coronavirus Covid-19. A day in the country diagnosed 501 new case. The number of deaths is 125, and another 246 people were recovered.

In Khmelnytsky region due to the outbreak of the coronavirus among the medical staff was closed Chemerovetsky regional hospital. And in Kiev imposed a quarantine in Ioninsky monastery. In addition, the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko said that in nine roadblocks at the entrances to the capital for the past day don’t let 40 people who have discovered elevated body temperature.

Earlier it was reported that in the presence of symptoms of coronavirus, people should contact their family doctor, and in the case of high temperature – call the ambulance. As for the Ukrainians who have not concluded the Declaration with the family doctor, in the presence of symptoms of coronavirus Covid-19 advise them to contact an emergency ambulance.