We offer to your attention a live video of political talk show “Sunday evening with Vladimir Solovyov”. The program discussed recent political developments in Russia and in the world that occurred this week. The broadcast begins on 13 June at 23:25 Moscow time.

The white house watched the events in Moscow and St. Petersburg on 12 June, where they were detained members of the organized opposition activist Alexei Navalny unauthorized rally. In the administration of the American President insisted on the need to release all detainees and to oppose the “openness of expression”.

With such statement at a briefing for media representatives on Monday, June 12, was made by White house spokesman Sean Spicer, said, “Russian conversation” .

Spicer called the participants of the protests not sanctioned by the authorities, “peaceful demonstrators”, accusing the Russian authorities of violating their rights to free Assembly and expression.

Press Secretary of the trump condemned the actions of Russian law enforcement authorities and made a request to release all detainees without prosecution.