The President of Serbia Alexander survived were ordered to lead the country’s Armed forces and interior Ministry special forces in full combat readiness due to the deterioration of the situation in Kosovo, reports “Russian conversation”.

In the morning, special forces of the interior Ministry of Kosovo ROSU entered the territory of four Serbian municipalities and detained 23 Serb and a Bosniak. The protesters tried to resist and put up barricades. On the streets was shooting civilians hurried to hide in shelters.

During clashes were injured two people. Media reports that “arrested members of the Kosovo police of Serbian nationality and civilians”.

The TV station RTS reported that the riots began after Kosovo have arrested 13 ethnic Serbs on suspicion of involvement in organized crime and the murder of a policeman in 2011. The President has warned about readiness to adopt radical solutions.

It is reported that among those detained is a citizen of the Russian Federation Mikhail Krasnoshchekov, part of the UN Mission interim administration in Kosovo (UNMIK).

Meanwhile, the international mission under the auspices of NATO in Kosovo and Metohija (KFOR) issued a statement that the actions of the police special forces of the unrecognized Kosovo is not directed against the Serbian population. We are talking about a special operation to combat crime.