Spain low decreased fertility. Consequently, the government decided to appoint one of the senators for the position sex-Zara. The air-conditioned edelmira need any methods to raise the the demographics in the country, finding a way to attract young couples to become more conscious and try in the good of the Motherland. About it writes the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

According to representatives of the
the younger generation, this phenomenon can be explained by the strong fatigue on
work. However, the Spanish authorities are very excited about this problem. Especially after
by 2015, then died a lot more people than were born.
Statistics for 2015 suggests that on average, Spanish women 18 to
49 years was 1.3 children.

Furthermore, statistics
said that the country is 3 times decreased the number of childless families.

It was noted earlier that Ukraine has formed a catastrophic demographic situation .

According to the journalist, the threat also represents a break in the middle
life expectancy between men and women: 65 and 75 years
respectively. Thus, the country accounted for 100 women only
86 men. On average, around the world in 100 females there are 101 men, and
the difference in life expectancy is 4.5 years.