Co-Chairman of “Business Russia” and the public, the Ombudsman for the illegal persecution of businessmen Andrei Nazarov

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“The number of inspections went beyond the limits of reasonable. Many staff members are required to devote their time to the preparation of supporting documents for inspection, which paralyzes the company’s work. People have no time to do business,” says TASS situation, the co — Chairman of “Business Russia” and the public, the Ombudsman for the illegal persecution of businessmen Andrei Nazarov.

On the eve of the Prosecutor General’s office on request TASS reported that in 2016 the share of unscheduled inspections of companies and individual entrepreneurs rose to 74.7% of their total number: from 1,706 million checks 1,276 million were unscheduled.

A year earlier the figure was 66% (1.32 million unscheduled inspections of 1,994 million) .

Tired of excuses

In 2015, we’ve created the Single registry of inspections scheduled, but the situation with the pressure of controlling bodies on the business is not fundamentally changed, says Nazarov. “Although, in our opinion, the unscheduled inspection should be carried out only if there is objective information about its necessity, i.e. there is a real threat to the life and health of people,” he explained.

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But it is not only in the number of inspections. “It’s important, why they are conducted and what problems detected, mentioned in an interview with TASS first Vice-President “Support of Russia” the expert-analytical activities Vladislav Korochkin. The percentage of inspections in which inspectors find something really dangerous to life and health of citizens or the environment very small. They are not more than 10%, and in some types of supervision, for example, seed — 0%. That is, the risk of harming anyone is not detected at all.”

According to the Prosecutor General, significant abnormalities are revealed only in the 15% checks.

According to experts, most of the reviewer conducts the CPS. “He podmazannyh more all — all catering, all retail, educational establishments,” said Korochkin.

Verification verification strife

At a meeting on investment programs of development of the Far East on 3 August Vladimir Putin has demanded to reduce the number of unscheduled inspections of entrepreneurs up to 30% of the target.

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He also drew attention to their excessive duration.

The average inspection lasts about a month, but “checking checking strife,” said Nazarov. Some are relying on the firm a week, and some up to two months. Quite often it happens that at the enterprise “one test has ended — another has begun,” he explained.

However, except for unscheduled inspections there are other forms of control, e.g., administrative investigation, which is actively used by inspectors to avoid reconciliation of the unscheduled inspection by Prosecutor’s office, said Korochkin. “We would like to and administrative investigations have been made in the Unified register of scheduled inspections and were consistent with the Prosecutor’s office, — said the expert. — After all, if the number of unplanned control activities of all kinds will be reduced, this will save time and money supervised entities”.

To reduce the costs of entrepreneurs must also refrain from excessive requirements of Supervisory authorities, said Korochkin. “They practically are not reduced. For example, the angle of slope of the floor in the barn is regulated by the order of the Ministry, for the violation of this provision of the businessman can be fined” — he brought an example. Such rules should not be.

Hope for the law

The proposal of the head of state in the near future can be framed as bills and submitted for consideration to the state Duma, said the Ombudsman under the RF President on protection of entrepreneurs ‘ rights Boris Titov.

Now many employees have to devote their time to the preparation of supporting documents for inspection, which paralyzes the company’s work

In addition, the Prosecutor General’s office on behalf of the President of the Russian Federation prepared a draft law “On amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian Federation implementation of state control (supervision) and municipal control”. He is on the coordination in the government.

The resolution of the Prosecutor’s office for an unscheduled inspection of the company or the private entrepreneur will have to obtain the insurance and banking supervision, gospozharnadzora, traffic police, authorities supervising the financial market and the security of FEC objects, trading activity, and many others.

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