Evgeni Plushenko



Two-time Olympic figure skating champion Evgeny Plushenko decided to retire.

34-year-old three times world champion and seven times European champion

“I finished a career in the sport. The decision was made a year ago, when I was operated on for cervical. I thought it was enough. I look at young people as grown men’s figure skating. With young people it is impossible now to compete – I think so. Is there some kind of limit.

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I have had 15 operations, to speak at the fifth Olympics difficult. I already ate. Before I rushed to the ice, wanted to prove that in the men’s figure skating, you can ride for a long time. It’s not the same as before: 20-21 year – and went to skate in the show. And you can ride at 30-32. I see that today in the world Cup ride guys my age . Any contribution I have made to figure skating, changed attitudes and very proud of it.

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As for me, I’m not going as an athlete at the Olympic games — 2018. I finished a career in the sport. Starting my own Academy where I work as a coach. If we with the athletes ability to prepare for the Olympics, maybe, and go,” — said Plushenko in the air “Match TV”.