What is the reason for the crushing defeat of the Belarusian Junior world Cup hockey?

Head coach of the Junior national team of Belarus Evgeny Esaulov assessed the crushing defeat from Canadians (1:11) in the match of world Cup 2019 in the elite division.

– Unfortunately, played one team — and it’s not the national team of Belarus. We watched the scene. Flash was, but it’s a few shifts that can be counted on the fingers. There we were doing something that gave the results in the previous matches. I see no problems with the physical condition. I’m sure the reason is emotional burnout. In the previous games gave a lot of emotion. Sort of had the day off, guys were smiling, but still psychologically can’t handle.

– If not a secret, that told the guys in the locker room?

– It’s just the beginning. On Monday a very tough Switzerland team, which seems to be not yet possess, but can present serious surprise. It is necessary to mobilize and concentrate. We will prepare and go on, — quotes the coach website FHB.