Group of companies EVO predicts that in 2018, the continuing trend of increasing market of electronic Commerce in physical goods and services by 30% in comparison. With 2017 year to 65 billion UAH.

“Trends in the development of the market of consumer e-Commerce are: service, safety, secondary market items, as well as self-employment and logistics. In the business segment such drivers will also be: unified platform business opportunities and digital business processes”, – said the Director for development of group of companies EVO Denis Gorovoy at a press conference on Friday.

He stressed that the forecasts EVO for the current year were met with great precision: by the end of the year, the company estimates the volume of e-Commerce market of 50 billion UAH, which corresponds to the forecasts.

“In 2017, the Ukrainians have purchased on the marketplace group of companies EVO (,,, Kabanchik .ua) is 68% more goods than last year – for the sum of 14,2 billion UAH. The average check increased slightly – by 4% and now stands at 962 UAH”, – said D. horova.

According to him, the number of orders on the marketplace group for the year increased by 61% – to 14.8 million

Most often, in 2017, the Ukrainians bought on the marketplace for shoes, clothes, accessories, electronics and equipment, products for the home and garden, cosmetics and perfumes, as well as products in the category of “gifts.” – product it company, unifying platforms,,,,, in Ukraine, as well as in other countries, – marketplace, a participant of the electronic systems ProZorro, RIALTO and “ProZorro.Sale.”