Ex-Deputy of the Odessa city Council, the head platform of the “national development strategy” Dmitry Spivak refused to stand for election to the Verkhovna Rada on the party list of “the servant of the people”.

“I made a difficult but deliberate decision. I don’t go into Parliament!” – Spivak wrote on his Facebook page on Wednesday.

He called the reasons for the decision. In particular, it is noted that after the party Congress “Servant of the people” he declared, at number 33, in the social media against him and his family turned “a campaign to discredit”.

Spivak also said that his public position many do not like. “But I’m not going to change it in favor of the current situation. And for the proverbial mandate too. And because I do not wish to cause any reputational risks to the President Zelensky and his party”, – he explained.

Among other reasons – “my journalistic and television work gives me great opportunities to influence the formation of public opinion and to benefit my country, exposing corruption boils and controlling power and its decisions.” “And I will continue to do so. Openly and publicly,” he assured Spivak.

In addition, it sees its task is to do everything possible to so-called “patriots” and “activists” disappeared from the public consciousness of the people and life of the country.