Former husband of the singer Ani Lorak Murat Nalchajian published in the Instagram post that announced the closure of his night club and talked about the farewell party in the Kiev school. This was reported by “MK”, reports “Russian conversation”.

According to Nalchajian, karaoke club “Famous” Ukrainian pleasing party-goers for the past five years. “On the stage of the karaoke club and consoles managed to visit the biggest stars of our country and of Europe,” – wrote a businessman.

As you know, brother Ani Lorak told about her relationship with her husband has long been spoiled, but she wanted to keep the family together. “It was her life, love. She took care of the marriage to the last, tried to hold him to the last,” he said.

He also notes that the couple lived in different countries, which greatly influenced their relationship.

Recall that in school, the daughter of singer Ani Lorak and many other celebrities, now “roams” a dangerous epidemic.

In addition, Lorak for the first time openly told about his feelings after parting with her husband Murat Nalchajian.

As previously reported, residents of Ukraine condemned Ani Lorak because of the picture with the Russian stars.